Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom II?

As some of you may have noticed–I have just recently switched my blog theme into “Piano Black”–and wrote a post out of utter hyperness just a while ago. I have also cleaned up some of my links and old stuff accumulating in this blog–and at the same time I was trying to combine, compile, merge and transfer many of my other blogs into ONE blog, which was a very tedious project–

The various blogs that I registered on a whim over the past few weeks for the purpose of film reviews, book reviews, writing notes, writing contest informations, random babblings, prose/creative writing, or just simply ranting–EVERYTHING that I’ve written on the net has been moved to–yep–you’ve guessed it–



(I’m thinking of adding a head banner, but I can’t find the right picture yet! So stay tuned!! :))

I hesitated a bit and wondered if I should transfer all of my poems as well, but as an increasingly active poet (hehehe I love saying that) I think it’s wise to keep my poetry separate. My poems are just too awesome to share a domain with my other writing, hahahahaha. 

Anyway. CHECK IT OUT IF YOU HAVE TIME! Most of the stuff are written on a whim, and they’re just casual writings and reviews about the things I watch or read.


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