Beyond the realms of contemplation

My future is conceptualized, dignified and

Waiting to be realized

My toes curl in a cold pool of whispering mud

Whispering about the songs I have lost

To foolishness

To a girl’s rigid intentions and her perfectly balanced world


The infinite sighs that contained odd tales were interwoven

Within the chemical bonds of oxygen

A profane circulation of heart-ache that

Became the air which I breathed


Those moments in time when I


On butterfly wings and fate’s convection

I tried hard to defy by

Naming Princes and Knights

Ghosts with paper crowns and armours made of glass

They faded like gossamer in the morning wind

Soon to be replaced by more



And when…at last,

The rotten skin of my past peels off

With a strange sort of relief

A crystal magnanimity

I feel someone burst


From a monster’s shell

Someone soft, and tender

A humble little thing

That prays for wisdom;

A star’s child, fathered by Reason,

Mothered by Dreams and

Visions of Beauty.


By Kim T.



  1. Ldktpixh · September 7, 2011

    Could I have a statement, please? pthc cp

  2. slpmartin · April 26, 2011

    Really like the closing stanza of the poem…beautiful imagery.

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