The Social Network (revised)

It rummages through the turbulent air

Manages to resist you, locate the deepest part of you

A cannibal salmon spirit that settles like

The claws and laws of gravity

And consumes rapturously with its monstrous mouth,

Sucking out the juice of your heart, unleashing

A river of untrammelled desires

That seeps through your sweaty fingers

And floods the keyboard with vernacular vomit

The flash of a blinking screen blabs and bleeds

Under your pulsing left eyelid


Refresh. A tiny red box. A number.

Your digitized body ripples wirelessly across distance

The zapping neurons in your brain dance like heated popcorn

A fidgety monster tugging at the strings of your being

A delicious wound gushing out sweet blood that refuses to heal

Telling you to stab the clock in the face


Your soul is here, on The Wall

Trapped inside a white rectangular box

Pinned down with dates and names

Tags and Likes and status updates

Willingly, or perhaps, unknowingly,

You are tumbling, tumbling


Into that sleepless navy blue.


This is when your voice is heard.

This is where your life begins.

This is who you are.


By K.T.


One comment

  1. slpmartin · March 23, 2011

    Oh…how I hope that my life is not reduced to such an electronic wasteland. 🙂

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