The Sky Castle

(taken from Photobucket)


It was only for a second

But my eyes were caught

The corner of a shifting cloud

The accidental brush of the wind that revealed

Laputa’s castle walls

Glorious with layers of mythology

Centuries of adoration and

Dark amber coloured stones glistening next to the sun


I opened my arms like a silly bird

Outstretched wings

The sky loomed so incredibly wide

The voluminous air so full and rich with dreams

It was difficult to breathe that all in


But I managed

As I counted the golden stars

Resting on my brow like sweat

And I cried for what I never had.


By Kim T.



  1. swanrose · April 8, 2011

    very nice

  2. contemplativemoorings · March 10, 2011

    It seems that we lose something with progress…some of sense of magic and wonder…the modern world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

  3. slpmartin · March 8, 2011

    Love the imagery!

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