The Social Network

(Picture taken from

After watching the movie directed by David Finch—“The Social Network”. Awesome movie.


You feel it settle

On your skin, the deep penetrating stare

Of a restless spirit

Letting loose the gate of untrammeled desires

The uncontrollable mouse-clicks

Your sweaty index finger’s frantic tap

The flash of a blinking screen


Refresh. A tiny red box. A number.

Your popularity.

It is the calling tugging

At the strings of your mind

A fidgety monster

A wound that refuses to heal

An itching that manipulates your impulse

With disturbing ease


Your eyes, pressed against your eyelids,

Fighting to burst free

That thin layer of skin is the only thing

That keeps you from tumbling down

Down that the infinite sleepless blue


Your soul is here, on The Wall.

Trapped inside a white rectangular box.

This is where your voice is heard.

This is where your life begins.

This is who you are.


By Kim T.


One comment

  1. slpmartin · January 28, 2011

    A most interesting analysis of how some people view the world.

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