Dragon Bone

(Original painting by Margaret Lindsey)


Its eyes used to shine like glamorous amber,

Bejeweled by the hands of the sun—

A seemingly, everlastingly light.

Its talons—the holder of puppet strings—

Pulled at the hearts of men, drew out fear

Like picking a flower

Crushing it with a childish smirk.

Ah, the dragon’s laugh, the beast’s taunt.

Lives—brushed away like dust

Armours trampled over

Their silver hues so easily lost, so quickly eaten away

By blood and despair and rusted romance

By death’s cold fingers and something numb.


Until one day it

Heard voices, ubiquitous like winds

Speaking of deformed joys, nightmarish boredom

The inability of its reptile heart

To love, and the indigestible terror

Leaking out of a men like black acid

Shockingly burned down its throat

The backfire of its own malice

Dangerous, weakened, dark.


Buried deep inside a cave

Surrounded by slumbering stones

Dwelled a lonely fossil, a piece

Of dragon bone, cloaked

With centuries of unheard whispers

A knight’s wit and lion-heart

A sky-tearing shriek, a relenting roar

An eyeless blade, scratching at the impenetrable scales,


A quiet, willing phase

A thousand-year-old curse–

A dragon bone’s boisterous past.


By Kim T.



  1. Kim · February 4, 2011

    Thanks 🙂

  2. contemplativemoorings · January 28, 2011

    Very nice read 🙂

  3. slpmartin · January 28, 2011

    A marvelous tale within these lines…enjoyable reading.

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