(UBCLE I LOVE BLOG 7 請到 但是也歡迎你在我的英文BLOG逛逛~)


Your left hand hangs lifelessly

Beside the hospital bed, next to

The ghostly sheets


The clock is one minute until twelve.


Your death lingers

Between the leaves of the apple tree

Outside of the window

Looks so natural that

I can’t help but shiver.


The dreams from last night

Still rests on your brow like a feather

Lucifer’s kiss.


I still remember that night

Underneath the stars

I ran into your arms

And listened to your quiet heartbeats

Along with your short, ragged breaths

Fade with the upmost grace


You tell me not to be afraid

Your tired smile melts and disintegrates

On your tearless face

When your warmth disappears

Gradually from both of my hands

I stand by you, and I am numb


The clock strikes twelve

On the other side of the world.

I swallow back my tears

Don’t want you to hear me

And I whisper next to your ears

That promise I’ve failed to kept

When you were alive.



(Translated from my Chinese poem “Always” from



  1. Carol Ann Hoel · November 3, 2010

    Artfully written, Kim. Blessings to you…

  2. slpmartin · November 3, 2010

    This poem by Kim is absolutely beautiful in its imagery and tone…thanks for the translation.

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