I’m there.

Even though we will be separated

By red lights and highways

A mobile silence that tread along

With the sound of the car engine

The cushioned seat beneath my thigh

Gently shaking


As soon as the door slams shut

We are at two different places.


When I sit at the dining table, alone,

Playing with my food like a sullen kid

Holding my cell-phone to my breast

Anticipating its sudden vibrations

And the way they tear at my clothes

And scratch across my skin


Know that every minute

I stand beside your bed to protect you

Know that every minute when

Your eyes are closed

And your mind dreams a strange dream

That lasts forever

That lasts from the moment your eyes are closed

Until your eyes open

That lasts a few seconds, a few long minutes


It is a rope around my neck

Dragging my lifeless body

Across a road of slow, poisonous frost


Know that when I don’t say I love you

Before I leave

Is because those words pull out tears

Like an unclosed wound oozing out

An unstoppable river of blood


Know that every second that you lay

A fierce warrior in your own universe

No matter how small the battle you think it is

Or you say it is


Know that I am there to fight with you

And will fight for you

Know that in your blackness

I am holding your hand

As that surgery blade falls

And that every cut

From that surgery blade

Falls, too, on my heart.




  1. contemplativemoorings · October 15, 2010

    We’ve all been there…felt like I was right back there reading this…

  2. Carol Ann Hoel · October 12, 2010

    Lots of emotion in these verses. Hurting people isolated from one another by a circumstance that threatens life and relationship. Blessings to you…

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