I sat with my legs crossed

And drifted into the land of nowhere

That kingdom of mine

Somewhere, nowhere

In my kingdom


I built a sky castle there

A city of floating stones

Where the clouds nourished the spring seeds

Lifted them up into summer

Fed them with stars and dreams

So they grew stronger over the years


I built it with my own hands.

And with my own hands, I destroyed it

It happened in a blink of an eye

A shift in the mind

I could hear the falling bricks

My crumbling castle walls

Bombarding the sea

Plunging into turmoil

Disappearing into nothingness


I destroyed it

I destroyed it so I never had to look up to it again

Never had to think about how would I be getting there

When it was up there, out of reach, so high?

Never had to want to get there

Not again, never

Never would I create another world

That had never been

Not again, never


So now I have wings.



  1. Kim · September 28, 2010

    It’s not THAT depressing, lol. It has a hopeful ending!!! “So now I have wings.” Nod nod nod.

  2. JebbyBang · September 28, 2010

    Red Bull gives me winggggs~ haha.
    Just kidding.

    why so…depressing?

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