UBC, here I come. Second year, here I come.

I have understood so many things these four months…about myself, about God, about the universe, about life, about people…

I feel like I’m being prepped for the life ahead of me.

Thank you, God, for your guidance and your love. It means the world to me.

Recently, I have also acquired another blog…on livejournal. I think I’ll post my Chinese stuff there? My Chinese writing teacher (who is the epitome of AWESOME!) wants me to practice Chinese as often as I can. I want that as well…I don’t want to forget my mother tongue. My vocabulary is decreasing…but when properly inspired, I can still manage to find those lost words, somewhere in my brain.

Anyways. Need to go prepare now. I’m moving to UBC today!

I’ve been waiting for so long!!! And I’m kind of numb and don’t know what I’m feeling, lol.

Have I mentioned that before?

I probably did.




One comment

  1. Carol Ann Hoel · September 6, 2010

    God is good. May your new endeavors be blessed. Thank you for sharing.

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