Just the usual: rotting at home for the summer.

That’s my famous phrase for having nothing better to do at home. Well, I mean I’m working on my short story (which is going surprisingly well, I might add), reading some awesome books (All Quiet on the Western Front and “Desire in Seven Voices”) and being a complete goofball once in a while.

Yes, I just realized that I, in fact, AM a goofball. I have to to something silly once in a while to satisfy my stupid impulses. For example, I lip synced to the song Lala Land by Demi Lovato and arranged for my “clones” to dance simultaneously to the music. Basically you see five me’s on the screen, the lip syncing one and the four accompaniments occupying each corner in smaller squares. This is not going onto Youtube, by the way. I’m not that desperate for attention. I just posted on my Facebook page to get some laughs from my friends, haha. Some people might say I’m kind of immature, but doing the things that bring you joy cannot be classified into the “mature” or “immature”, but they’re just simply things you love.

Anyway. The story I’m working on is based on a true story, which I’m not going to mention right here. It’s so much easier to write, though, since it’s about something real. I don’t have to go through the process of constructing a whole world for the characters (usually they come to me first). I can just write, write and write.

It’s only the start of August, one month away from school and moving in to residence, I’m already planning what to bring to dorm. I get a kitchen this time, so no more cafeteria food! Hooray! And no more microwave food, thank God. I can’t even bear the sight of it. All those spaghetti and macaroni and UGH. Just no more. No more. I’m really excited for this year, though. Compared to last year, I’m more open. I was still kind of shy last year, but I’m gradually changing. I don’t get nervous in front of guys anymore XD. Haha. That’s how shy I was. You wouldn’t believe that in my high school years I was SO SHY that I didn’t even have the courage to say hi to people when I saw them on the hallway or something. I just looked away and pretended I didn’t see them, and justified my social incompetence with me being too cool for them to understand. Well, that didn’t work out well. Usually by the end of grade nine you become clustered into your own groups already. I didn’t settle in until grade 12, and that was when I finally started to open myself up.

Anyways. That doesn’t matter now. Past is past.

I’m also planning to volunteer at the Taiwan Festival this month. And also volunteer at the Writers and Readers Festival. Expand my horizon! Haha. I’m excited.

Nod nod nod.



  1. Jingle · August 6, 2010

    nice growth….

    open up and visit more people.
    make new friends…
    you will have fun!


    two awards on the bottom for you,
    please join the party in celebrating Doraz’s 2 year blogging fun.
    thanks for the attention!

  2. Kim · August 4, 2010

    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  3. Carol Ann Hoel · August 4, 2010

    Very busy and growing and glowing. Thank you for sharing.

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