Just finished my English final last night. After I proofread everything, I knew I was closer to freedom than ever. And then, I handed in my paper, and then stormed out of class (by then it was nearly 10pm). That was when the hunger settled in. I ate my dinner around 4, and I knew I was going to be hungry when I finished the darn exam.

Anyhow. The exam went pretty well. I put those muscle-soreness patches on my shoulders so I wouldn’t feel stressed out by my intense shoulder and neck, which get stressed because I’m stressed. So the evil cycle wasn’t there, and I was able to concentrate. Also, after editing my term paper, I was in the essay momentum. One close reading and two essays didn’t bother me at all. I was confident that I would definitely be able to finish it, since I had three hours–no need to rush. The second essay took me a while, though, because I had to construct the whole thing from scratch. The ideas were too scattered, and if I don’t organize them I won’t be able to write.

Fortunately, the third part of the exam was related to my term paper! I didn’t even need to brainstorm that long. I already went through that during my term paper prep! I was like “YESH!”. In my head, of course.

Now that the semester is finally over (not that I haven’t enjoyed it, but going to school…you know) I can finally have time to be creative! I can finally start working on my unfinished short story and my unfinished pieces of music. I should try to get the interface to work, because if it does work, just imagine the musical possibilities I can reach. AAAAnd I can finally get back to my HKO! Although I’m not addicted to it anymore (playing every single day, 24/7) I still want to get through all the levels and see how the story ends. Just punch me in my face and tell me I am hopeless. Yep.

Anyway…that is all. FREEDOM AT LAST! And I’m probably going to write a movie review for Inception, later. BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. I am tempted to see it again. Ythe $12 is totally worth it.


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  1. Carol Ann Hoel · July 31, 2010

    You have turned a corner in your progress. I am happy for you. Enjoy everyday, every minute. Life is a fast journey.

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