One More Time

I wait for the tears on your face to realign

They trace their small, destructive steps carefully

Back to your swollen eyes

And that sob you try so hard to suppress

The one that breaks my heart

Retrieves itself from the tearing beating flesh in my chest

Travels all the way back to your languid mouth

Resonating in quiet screams

Within your tightened jaw


The shock uncarves itself from the lines of your face

The lines that I dream of every night

Your lips cease to tremble

Underneath my fingers

That tell you to hush


When you blink, my hands draw back

Rewinding so they now rest beside my thighs

Nervously fidgeting

That long, heavy sigh, once again,

Re-enters my body

Joining those dark thoughts in my mind

That are raining down onto my soul, pelting

Like liquefied thunder


And then, I lose myself to silence

My mouth struggles to open

But this time, it does not win

I smile at my sweet defeat

Powerless, because I love you so

And I’m sorry that I have ever doubted

Because I do not doubt us any longer


Because we are together

And our promises kept

And we are going to remain like this


By K.T.


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