Happy day today…so yay! (lame attempt to rhyme)

Woke up at 7:30 this morning to register for my courses. I wasn’t as anxious as I was during my first year; I swear the adrenaline could have stopped my heart last year. This year, having gone through it before, I held up pretty good. I sat in front of my laptop, casually reading a Evelyn Lau’s “Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid”, which is an awesome book. Okay, not so casually. I was still slightly nervous. This course I wanted to register only had one spot left, so I was dying to get it done.

Fortunately this year I’d discovered a function that I didn’t know of last year–stupid me. I could have registered every single course AT THE SAME TIME. How idiotic of me that it took me a full year to realize this, eh? Well, better sooner than later.

So I got all the courses that I wanted. English, sociology, creative writing and some Asian studies. A friend of mine claimed that I’m a weirdo for taking four English courses this year. But I LOVE ENGLISH. What other logical course is there to take? I wanted to take more, but I was afraid I won’t be able to handle the reading load.

Anyways. I’m pretty excited for this year. I’m living in dorm, again, surprisingly…considering that at first I didn’t get a housing offer. But I did, all of a sudden, and my entire mindset of commuting reluctantly disintegrated.  I was was like…what?

And, I’m planning to sign up for Tai Chi Chuan this year. Have to wake up early to do it…it’s from 8-9…AM. If I want to make to class having my hair washed and all, I’ll have to wake up at 6:30, at least. Because I am super slow at everything and it takes me 40 minutes to wash my hair (twice…because it gets really oily) and dry it and straighten it. Plus washing my teeth, wash my face and all that jazz.

Anyways. Enough babble about my dull life details. Going to sleep now. I think waking up early each day actually works. I’m fixing myself!! 😀 I’m so happy. Hence the title la.


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