Happy Canada Day…

Well, it was yesterday. Walked down to the park and checked out the live band there. Smelled some awesome left-over BBQ that I couldn’t buy because I didn’t buy the tickets. Dogs roamed everywhere, and the ducks, clustered in their little families, stayed away from the crowds. There were supposed to be fireworks, around 10 at night, but I wasn’t really interested. I went home around 9, and sat down before my laptop to work on my short story. At 10:18, the fireworks exploded in the night’s silence. Sparks. Both in the sky and in my head. I just happened to be stuck on one paragraph, and then the image came. The perfect metaphor. Fireworks. The story went on.

I haven’t been able to write poems lately. My inspiration seems to come in patches and blocks. It’s either one genre or one form of words. Right now I’m working on my story that is yet to be titled. Titles. Most of the time they are the most time-consuming. I always have to wait for the perfect title to come to me.  Originally I was writing for this dark fantasy submission call, writing about demons and battles and whatnot. However I was having doubts, and to proceed a typical story like demon vs angel, good vs evil seemed to be beneath me. There wasn’t much of a plot, and I knew I could do better than just plain bloody battle scenes. It would probably make a good action-packed horror movie, but not a great short piece. That was why I abandoned it altogether.

The story I am working on right now is about necromancy (answering to the submission call). It doesn’t have a strong element of horror, so I”m wondering if I should still send it to the dark fantasy submission call, because that’s obviously what they’re looking for: a strong sense of horror. But anyways.

Recently I’m busy with my summer classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm to 10pm. I actually quite enjoy the class, except that taking late night transit is a bit of a hassle. Other than that, I’m pretty passionate about the books and poems we’re reading. I must admit that it’s much better than reading classics. Some classics I love, but I’m always more in love with modern literature. (Speaking of which, I am forced to take an English course that’s based on classic English works because it’s mandatory for majoring in English…well, it’s not so bad since it’s English, which I love, but it’s kind of like…okay, in simple terms, I wish I don’t have to take it, but I don’t mind taking it though I don’t want to…)

And that’s about it…my random babble about my life…


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