Reunion (poem+piano)

Butterflies made of silk and paper

Silver moonlight rippling

In your hair

Quiet footsteps, whispering

On the starlit grass

Sliding across limbo


How they all mysteriously fit together

Golden words, a dragon’s breath

Bone-pale faces and

Misty-jade tears

The smoke of the sweet incense

Drifting into the next world


As you step into the wheel of reincarnations

Your memories spun away

The sky and the earth merging into one

Before and after joining

To become a new essence

A new meaning

A new concentrated form

Of lingering ghosts from the past

Of mothers and fathers whose hands you will touch

Passions and loves that define

And redefine who you are

Over and over

And over


Until one day you begin to see through

Through all the movements circling

What you call life

When time and space are just dusts in your dreams

When thoughts transcend illusions

When your soul remembers


The pattern is thus broken.

By K.T.

(First time trying to combine piano and poetry together. Hope it’s not too bad!) 🙂


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