The Shore

I find you in a diminished chord

Nested within a ballad

A ballad of pretty heartaches.

A composition of waves, and waves

Those endless waves

Those endless tears, and tears

The salt in our love

The taste of our kiss


I watch your eyes deepen

With each reflections.  Each speckle

Of my silver scales

Speak of limitations

Of the ways I can love you


When we dance, your smile

Tickle the side of my face

As long as your eyes are closed


When we swim, your touch

Float across, on top of my tail-bone

As long as you hold your breath


When we make a wish, that wish

Becomes poetry, of a different reality

As long as our love is true


When we part

Your footsteps lost in the whispers of sands

Your auburn hair lost in the starless night


It is then, when we part

That I begin to hate

Who I am

Who I am not


By K.T.



  1. Kim · June 13, 2010

    Thank you 🙂

  2. slpmartin · June 13, 2010

    The poem captures the dependency of love…well said.

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