The Mystery of 11:11…Solved

11:11 or 1:11 has been following me for as long as I can remember…back  in high school, every time I glance at the television (which had a digital clock on it), I see either 11:11 or 1:11. Even at home, if it’s just a random look at the clock or at the stereo, I see the number. Everywhere. In my life.

I used to think it’s a curse of some sort…but I guess not. Strangely, after I graduated from high school and went to UBC and started to live in dorm, it stopped. Or mabye I stopped noticing. Maybe I was just thinking too much. Maybe I made it ubiquitous simply because I thought it was. I started to become busier and busier with university life…

And then, it came back. It’s weird. I remember some guy made this video on Youtube and said that 11:11 represents something absolutely disastrous, like it’s an omen for a calamity or something. He even explained that after the 911 in the US, it’s exactly 111 days until the end of the year. He also linked several historic events and disaster occurences with that number. I’m not sure if he’s right…

I just think that…so many things happened in this world, I mean–you can link any events together with any number–big deal.

Got side-tracked here. Like I said, it came back. I started doing more research on the internet. Apparently it’s a universal thing. Many people are seeing the same thing as I do. Most of the information I came across spoke about spirituality. It’s our guardians telling us that they’re there. It’s when you have spiritual awareness. It’s God letting you know that s/he is watching over you.

And…I think it has to be true. I think that’s it. When 11:11 came back, I was starting to commune with God again. Recently, I’ve been seeing it regularly. Nearly once every day. Sometimes twice. I mean, you get four chances each day to see the number 11:11 or 1:11, but it’s not like you’ll look at the clock at that time for sure. Once every day is A LOT.

And I do. I do feel closer to God. I’ve been seeking spiritual enlightment these days. Trying to be a better person. Trying to make my life fuller. Trying to ascend.

Maybe people will say that I’m becoming deeply religious. But really, it’s not about religion. Religion is like a system. Many religious doctrones are man-made, edited, reformatted, changed and reexplained. We find God in our own ways…everyone is different, because obviously we are different people. So how can we, given our differnces, all find God in the same way, doing whatever the Bible says or whatever our religious teachings say?

There ARE some truths in the religion, but people shouldn’t be told that HOW they should believe in God, and WHAT they should DO to get closer to God. That’s like…that sounds like a guide for a game. You do this, defeat certain monsters, and you will get through the level nice and easy! Life is definitely NOT a game.

Anyway. I seem to be awfully off topic here. But anyways. Yeah…11:11 is a sign of spiritualiy, traces of God, and traces of Wisdom…found.

Oh and by the way, I am not a Christian.


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