I Live

I live in vernacular expressions;

In nearly-mentioned things;

In a heart’s dichotomy;

In the relocation of truth.


I live between skins

Where two souls collide;

Between chests

Where heartbeats waltz;

Between promises

Where lives are exchanged;

Between smiles

Where music is made.


I live in everlasting digits

Of electric blue;

In the shadows of a giant

Who holds a witch’s broom,

Whose shoe is left behind

In the sands of my world,

Whose hair moves in a breeze

From a place I cannot know.


I live between dreams

Of wrinkled faces and ancient hands;

Between raindrops that linger

On a maple leaf in the sun;

Between guests where loneliness

Becomes the air that I breathe;

Between understandings of what should be done

And what could have been done.


I live in impressions instead of resolutions.

I live on the rugged edges of insanity.

I live between novels and their missing pages.

I live with metaphors and a dragon’s tooth.


I live under skies that blanket this earth.

I live in the corner of one’s imagination.

I live in the shades of a greater universe.

I live because I am.


I am because I live.

By K.T.



  1. Kim · June 6, 2010

    Thank you. 🙂

  2. contemplativemoorings · June 6, 2010

    Just perfect…

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