Thakn you, Totoro, that’s an awesome question.

Just got back from my visit to Pinetree’s creative writing class. I offered some information about the creative writing program at UBC, and I talked about the courses I took. I wasn’t as nervous as I expected myself to be? Knowing how I am when I’m in front of a bunch of eyes. However, I managed! I think somehow I’m braver now. And also all those practices in front of my stuffed animals paid off. (Yes, Winnie? Thank you, Totoro, that’s an awesome question.) Yeah yeah, it’s pretty lame, I know. But it WORKED. Mwahahahahahahahaha. Never thought I would be able to do public speaking!!! The shy-babe (okay maybe not a babe haha) all throughout high school. I can be awesome on paper but not in front of people. Well, I’m getting better. I feel better already!!

Recently I’ve been reading Push by Sapphire. “Sapphire”…that’s such a perfect pen name! I want a pen name like that but obviously I can’t pick any gem names anymore or it would seem like  rip-off from Sapphire’s pen name. Just imagine if I call myself Emerald or Ruby or Opal. (all those earth science courses on precious gems paid off! HA!)

It’s a really disturbing story, but I love Precious’s voice a lot. The grammatical imperfection and the language used are what’s so haunting about her voice. She talks about (warning: major spoiler) how her father is sexually abusing her and gets her pregnant with two babies, when she’s 12 and 16. It’s really dark. Her mother, unbelievably, allows everything to happen and even BRINGS her husband (who is actually not her husband by law, just in name, who has another family and two kids…gosh) to Precious for him to RAPE HER. This family is just–two words–messed up.

(Major major major spoiler below, do not proceed if you want to read the book)

I’m glad Precious can find hope in the end, and gradually become free from her past. It’s so sad that her father has HIV, and Precious ends up getting it, too…it’s heartbreaking.

Ah, anyways. Going to make some lunch now.


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