Untitled Chinese Song Lyrics…未命名

I totally forgot that I wrote this! From now on, I’m just going to stick to one blog. Why did I create a poetry blog in the first place?????????????????????????????? Hm.

Here goes. It’s supposed to be a song…need to write the music for it soon. Recently I’m trying to finish this book Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch. It’s really inspiring. Anyways.


你的身影 隱藏在琴鍵之間

黑白相間 依附在我指尖

輕輕喚 輕輕願




一遍一遍 在彈奏一遍

你臨走之前 響起的離別曲

它退了色 變了調 走了音

支離破碎 曲不成曲


眼睛痛了 再也睜不開了

那是因為 再也見不著你

輕輕嘆 輕輕戀




一次一次 再夢見你一次


來回憶你 召喚你 留住你

我才能夠 能夠呼吸


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