Just drank 8/10 cup of decayed green tea…

At first I thought it was my mother’s Earl Gray tea, because it smelled different than green tea, and it tasted different as well…BUT THEN it turned out to be my dad’s green tea and APPARENTLY IT’S BEEN IN BOTTLE INFESTED WITH MILDEW…UGH. And I drank it. LIKE ALMOST ALL OF IT…

My stomach feels funny. T^T

Ugh. Anyways.

I have just been hit by a sudden realization. Why am I having two blogs? That’s kind of stupid. Maybe I should just have one. It’s easier to manage, too. And plus, one blog with zero reader is depressing enough…

I should make my blog into a domain, and combine my two blogs. How did I end up with 2 different and separate blogs anyway? Ugh. Blah….


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