My Stupid Wisdom Teeth.

The bottom two of my wisdom teeth were removed today. I didn’t feel a thing because I was sedated. Ha, now I know what’s it’s like to be sedated. Well, I just feel asleep (didn’t even remember falling asleep) and then woke up having two hugh gauze in my mouth, tasting of blood. It wasn’t too bad. It was just pretty annoying because I had to keep on biting them and changing them for several consecutive hours and I couldn’t close my mouth properly and I was drooling bloody saliva down into the sink and I couldn’t even spit and yeah I just had to let my mouth open and drool……………..ugh. It was disgusting. No more teeth surgery for me. I hope.

Ugh. I just sneezed and blood started oozing out.

Saw several movies these days. Yip Man 2 was awesome, but I thought the first movie was more emotionally moving. I look forward to the third movie in which Bruce Lee is finally going to appear.

I saw Bounty Hunter about a week ago. It’s probably the worst romantic comedy I’ve ever seen. It’s bearable, but it’s bad. The relationship aspects are pretty immature, and the slapsticks aren’t really working.

I also saw a Korean movie called Jung Wu Chi, which is a pretty awesome fantasy/comedy/romance/myth movie with brilliant visual effects and music. The sound was slightly off with the subtitles, though, the first time I saw it. I saw it again with my Dad and it was much better. Understood a lot more during the second watch. And, the best part was I got to review my Korean.

I’m so passionate about movies all of a sudden? Under someone’s influence…I suppose…

Oh, I saw Kick Ass yesterday with my Dad. It was the MOST RETARDED MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. It’s even worst than Wanted. Ugh. Unnecessary violence. Stupid characters suffering absolutely no consequences for all the killings. And what’s with the weird sexual content? It’s such an immature piece of crap…the only positive feedback that I have is probably the fact that the protagonist does have some positive thoughts in the beginning, such as standing out for the fellow human beings and whatnot, but afterwards, it’s just utter stupidity.

Ugh. Anyways. I also watched Paprika today. It’s a brilliant film about dream and reality. I love how Kon puts something conceptual into something concrete. The graphics are breathtaking. The detective in the movie reminded me of the detective in Paranoia Agent…? They look alike. I wonder if they’re the same person. Hmmmmm.

To be honest, I enjoyed it a lot, but not as much as I enjoyed Paranoia Agent. Nod nod.

Hmmm…what else have I watched….ah, Top Gun (with Tom Cruise) with dad today. It was pretty good but I was so sleepy towards the end because of the pain killers and I kind of dreamed through the final battle.

Anyways. What else…I attempted to watch Afro Samurai Resurrection. The hip hop/ethnic Japanese flavour is pretty original and refreshing, but the plot isn’t so interesting. Top warrior. Revenge. Evil plan for destruction. Yeah. Lost interseted after 10 minutes through the film. Nod nod.

Ok. Going to shower now. And take pain killers. I can feel the pain lurking behind the medicine effects. I just know that it’s dying to release suffering…


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