Just finished my Korean exam…

One down and two more to go…! I’ve discovered an ingenious method of maintaining brain clarity and stamina while writing a gruelling exam.

*drum roll*

PUT THOSE MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF PADS ONTO YOUR SHOULDERS. Mwahahaha. Not only it relieves the tension in your shoulders and neck, it ensures enough blood circulates into your brain because tight muscle=bad circulation. Maybe it’s just me…I’ve always been suffering from my shoulder/neck pains. I put on those pads tonight, and it worked like magic!!!!! I was so happy. And right now I am really hungry. LOL

My brain is actually still functioning right now! Usually I’m dead after an exam like this. Like my last Korean exam. I was more or less brain-dead after writing it. But wooohooooo! This time it didn’t happen!

I’m going to do this for every important exam that I have. Hohohohoho. And I’m hungry as hell and I’m going to buy some instant udons form Magdas. Nod nod nod nod nod nod.


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