Found this poem in my old creative writing journal, titled “Us”

(GRRR the spacing is retarded. I tried to insert an empty space between the stanzas but IT NEVER WORKED. Try to ignore the dots. Sigh.)

We are born dead

And resurrected by love

Drowned in a sea of darkness

given breath by a mother’s cry


We are nothing

In silence we learn

The sound of speed

Engulfs our hearts

With unspoken words


With a kiss our lips are sealed

The taste of memories

fading on the tip of our tongues


In the growing absence of light

The sun, an orange disc

Plunges into the night

Its explosion turns into

The eyes of the universe

And we die living


One comment

  1. Lin Wang · April 21, 2010

    You are scatying me with your new “obsession” with death…

    Powerful poem though!

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