Utter stupidity…………but anyways.

Sometimes I feel like destiny is making a fool out of me. Or maybe it’s because I’m human. Yep. That’s most likely it. I’m SUCH A HUMAN that I’M ACTING EXACTLY LIKE ONE…

And that’s exactly how I feel. My life is a huge vaguery. It’s like I’m smothered by air made out of jello that I can’t see…= =lll. Nothing makes sense. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Oh. And I survived my Korean oral. Last week. I did okay.

And I was ambushed by my friends today with a surprise dinner birthday party. Haha. Funny that I was wearing a hoodie T-shirt that says “We all love surprises”…..just imagine me looking dumbfounded at the people who screamed “SURPRISE!” and wearing that T-shirt while I looked dumbfounded? Yeah. Classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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