Rock Fever

I’m suddenly into rock music! Especially alternative rock. The song from the movie Constantine: “Passive” by A Perfect Circle started everything. Afterwards I started looking into rock music. Now I’m listening to Fefe Dobson, A Perfect Circle, The Hoosiers, and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Marks is just AWESOME!

And I’m also crazed about “Alice” by Avril. It’s not exactly rock…but anyway it’s an AWESOME SONG.

Anyway. It’s going to be a very short entry because I have to go read The Picture of Dorian Gray now. Actually I might just review Korean since I have ea test on Friday. Yep. I’ll read the book tomorrow, or on my lazy day, which is Wednesday, in which I have only one class.


I want to eat Udon. I went to this Japanese restaurant during Olympics (the one beside Silver City by Schoolhouse Street). I got a severe stomach ache afterwards. I don’t trust their food anymore. DON’T EAT THERE.


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