I just finished my Korean exam!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH. My brain is going malfunction. AHHHHHHHHHH. Now earth science. Bleh…..

And I just finished reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass yesterday. I managed to squeeze in some reading time for the past few days…while studying Korean and earth science. It’s a quick read anyway, since it’s written like a fairy tale and the language is pretty simple. Plus the nonsensical plot kept me engaged and eager to find out what would happen next. XD

Anyways. I also found out that the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland is actually a combo of the first story and the sequel…? Somehow it also combined qualities of the two queens together. (the one who is always shouting “off with the head” and the other one, who is actually the Red Queen in a chess game and she’s the one who instructs Alice to address her as “your Majesty”)

Yeah…anyways. I’m finally going to read My Sister’s Keeper!!!! After watching the movie with my roomie I just HAD TO READ THE BOOK.

And my eyes are so tired right now I think I will die.

Oh, and I somehow got addicted to this Taiwanese drama. (curse my friend) Despite its plot holes, some awful acting and nonsensical humour, I still continued to watch it after the first episode…OMG…I can’t believe I have fallen…

But oh well. It’s good entertainment. Plus there are some hot guys in there. Or shall I say a lot…? (is that the main attraction…!?) OMG…

ANYWAYS. I am so ashamed of myself. But watching it makes me happy, so why not!!!!! LOL (violently trying to justify my actions…)

Just ignore me please…….

Anyways. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahah. Going to rest now. Eyes are dying.


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