After all these years. Literally lol. I started reading Wicked in grade 10, but gave up half way through. I started reading Wicked again this September, and the process has been dragging itself from there…until now!! OMG. I finally finished it. Gosh. I hate finishing a book late like this. Almost four months. That is just utterly stupid. Gosh.

Well, I’m going to finish “Freedom” next, which is a collection of short stories about human rights. I hope I will be more efficient…now that winter break is coming, I should have time to finish some books. I hope. I hope…

Anyways. FINALS SOON! I can’t believe there are only two days left of semester one. Whoa. Before I know it, I will have graduated out of UBC already.

What will my life be like?

Anyways. I am so udon and strawberry pocky deprived these days.




  1. Icy Roses · December 3, 2009

    Oh, well, did you like it? I have to say, my favorite Gregory Maguire is “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.” I love how it’s set in the Dutch Golden Age during the tulip boom. History nerd in me.

    Also, UDON IS DELICIOUS. 🙂 Good luck on finals!

  2. Jenita · December 3, 2009

    Yay! I don’t remember if I got through wicked or not — I definitely remember getting through most of it, at least up to the part at then end where she’s staying with Fiyero’s family, but I’m not sure if I read the end or not. At the time, I thought it was… meh. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to read it? I think this was eighth grade or so…

    Also — my brain went O.O to you having finals, until I realize that I only have two weeks of the semester left, too… so little time, and so much to get done… (doesn’t help that I suddenly have the urge to devour large quantities of books, either).

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