Counting down. 5.

Whoa, it’s the last week of semester one already. That means I am almost done with Earth and Ocean Science. Woot. I swear I won’t ever take an online course again. Never. Cross my heart.

The annoying thing is, I AM STILL READING WICKED. I’ve been reading that book since the beginning of semester. I swear if I don’t finish that book soon I will crush my head into a pile of pudding.

I just feel like saying pudding because I just watched “A Christmas Carole” on Saturday, and one of my favourite lines is “those who something something (forgot the exact line XD) should drown themselves in their puddings”

Anyway. It was a great movie. Creepy at times. Meaningful. Made me want to read the novel. Haha.

Anyways!! I just finished making a stuffed bunny today. It’s so hideous because it’s hand-sewn. I wish I had a sewing machine. My mom won’t let me buy one. I will include a picture somehow. Haha XD

ANYWAYS. I am done babbling for now.

(OK, I tried to upload the picture but the file won’t work. Blast.)



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