I am haunted by Halloween Spirits.

Today is simply the weirdest day ever. I’ve had an exhaustion attack and slept for two hours straight in the afternoon. I slept for nine hours! That should be enough, but I wonder why I am so tired today. Maybe it’s Halloween. I felt my energy was drained by an unseen ghost or something.

Anyways. So far, I am ahead of my work schedule so all I want to do is slack off. I’m trying to get more visitors to my poetry blog, but I have yet to spread the link to the world. I’ve set the links for two of my blogs as the signature of my e-mail and hopefully I will get some readers. But you never know. Young people don’t appreciate poetry as much. Or shall I say poetry isn’t much appreciate anyhow by the general public.

I shall stop babbling because I will begin to rant about something. I don’t even know what I’m going to rant. I am so hungry and I seriously need some udon or I will die from udon-withdrawal. Seriously. Ok. I’m starting to rant about udon. Just ignore me, please.


One comment

  1. Дана · November 19, 2009

    пока я жив, я буду держоть в голове ваш рЁсурс 😉 заношу в букмарки….

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