Incapable (First Draft)

As I awake in a dream I see

Silence, calmly sedated into a

Wordless rhythm. Perhaps

None of this is happening and the

Very muscle of my eyes hums

With an impulse, to open and see truly, honestly

But the world is tampered by fools

Therefore my eyelids fossilize

And a smile. Its mere existence is questionable


While I stay awake, my toes submerge

Into a society of poison mushrooms. They

Shine with a kind of darkness that

Makes the tree bark rot with elegance

Dying, just like my skin that’s been

Prickling to shed.

Tempted, to join this non-existent wonderland

But you never know


I fall back into the nightmares. As of

Now, the disturbing sun sizzles

On my upper lip, forcing it to part, forcing

Out broken syllables from

My broken heart

Plumbing my dignity out of my stomach

But never my pain


While I am asleep, soundly and bewilderingly

I wish I was never born.


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