The Mystery In My Heart

My soul meets the autumn’s glare

Cold and unexpected with the scent of maple

My toes exploring, listening

To the echoes of your Nike footprints

Carefully I entrust my weight to the marks you’ve left

As if stepping into your shoes

On the morning grass that shine

Like the finest Columbian emeralds


The next thing I know I begin to fall

Into a prison made of your shadow

Hinting of your woven beanie

Baggy jeans and your Black Label skateboard

Where I am locked forever with a key

And the key is melting into your smile


I chase after the side of your face

Passing by a world that I fail to name

My glasses glide down to the tip of my nose

Thick with the books I’ve read

Enough to decipher any mystery


I wonder

As a nerdish grey sinks deeper down

Underneath my honey-drenched, dream-washed eyes

Yet even as I examine every piece of knowledge that I own

With the most precise concentrated precaution

Still I cannot seem to explain

The mystery in my heart


I try to search for an answer

In the smearing sound of electric guitars

Your frantic black nails dissolve into the metal strings

The leather belt on your pants heedlessly descends

Revealing your star-striped underwear


Perhaps if I wear a cap backwards

And paint a skull on my shirt

Snap my glasses in half with a determined howl

You would finally recognize me

After our ninety-ninth rendezvous

And help me solve

The mystery in my heart


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