The Future is Unknown

Blue liquid gel ink smears onto page

Like drips of sapphire blood

I waver as I shudder

And stare into the sudden formlessness of my signature

My name dissolves into lips

And fails to resurface


Because dreams are childish

Out of reach as the blinking stars shine and fade

Shine and fade, until I am insecure

Am I being mocked?


My heart is heavy with the things that I owe

Light with the things that I own

Expectations make me breathless

Perhaps I am smothering myself


When darkness blinds me, maybe

I will finally understand

My visions will gradually disappear

They die with accurate erosion

And impracticality


By then

I will have no more sapphire blood

No more childish dreams

And stars won’t ever blink again

My heart refuses to be silenced

By unfulfilled wishes


The future—

Is unknown.


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