In Which I Decide.

I thought all my decision-making is finished. But then again, how can it be finished? I try to understand the consequences and outcomes of my choices…but the future is unknown. My nature simply forbids me to follow my plans accordingly, eh? Perhaps I am known to be random for not just one reason…

At first I decided to major in creative writing. Aside from that, I would study Japanese, Korean, English and other courses that would satisfy the graduation credit. Maybe a double major in creative writing and Asian studies.

The possibilities and options overwhelm me. Recently an epiphany stroke me and made me question myself severely: I should have taken visual arts. Why didn’t I take visual arts? What am I doing, wasting my time taking courses I don’t really need? What am I doing, living on campus and spending my parent’s money?

Why didn’t I think of that before?

If I had taken visual arts, I would have acquired the pre-reqs for printing/designing. I forgot the exact course name, but basically it’s designing for a, lets say, magazine page, or things like that. That would definitely assist in my writing career, considering I do have an interest and (maybe…I hope) talent for it.

But it’s too late, see? All the pre-req visual art courses are blocked because the waiting list goes on forever. I would either have to bravely embark on the summer courses, or…take it in my secnod year, which is the natural resolution anyway. In addition, since I am now inserting more courses into my planned load, I would have to (I regret to say) abandon one of my lovely languages courses…

From the looks of it, I am more likely to give up Korean. Right now, I need to gather more information to clarify my decision. I just hope it’s not too late.

One thing is for sure. Creative writing is staying.


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