RE: B.C. spends $1M on Olympic tickets

This is ridiculous. The BC government needs serious prioritizing on its spending. First, the Vancouver government spent about $80 000 furnishing up the mayor’s office and inner presentation, only to “look good” when the Olympics arrive. Now, taxpayers money are being unreasonably abused. One million for Olympic tickets for government officials! Meanwhile, they are retracting the education funding for students.

In fact, what angers me the most is the pull-back of education funding, which apparently has been regarded as something “optional” by the BC government. Considering sufficient education is generally required and valued in this society and in current job markets, I don’t see any appropriate reason for taking away financial support from students in BC.

Many government actions and policies struck me as nonsensical. Recently, their budgeting is just unbearable! Something must be done. The student union in UBC is collecting numerous signatures from university students and sending in postcards as a protest to the cut-back of education funds. I indignantly and immediately signed my name and expressed my strong opposition, some comments that I slightly regret to have written…

Well, it was nothing outrageous. I merely wrote “why don’t you cut back the funding for the Vancouver mayor furnishing up his own office to save money instead of cutting back our education fund?” However, it was pretty bold of me to even write that, since I’m usually well-reserved when I disagree.

On a random note, the economy is gradually recovering! My mother’s prediction was right. She’s a financial advisor, if anyone cares to know.


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