Starting My First Novella: Inside Out

OK, so I am finally starting a longer piece. Or should I say, planning to finish it?

I have tried writing a story that is novel length, but unfortunately I lacked dedication and decipline…several times, actually. I have been such a failure at finishing up the projects I have started…

Punch me in the face, please.

Anyhow, this time, I am properly motivated and, most importantly, fairly passionate about this project I am beginning to work out. Basically, when I finish it, I am going to send it to this “Angels and Demons” anthology and see if I can get published…however, that is not my main objective. My objective is to actually FINISH it. And I need deadlines to push myself. Is that bad?

Anyways. Bascially, “Inside Out” has always been a title drifting about in my mind, but I was never sure when or where to use it. Now that I am writing a story about this blood-thirsty demon, who has devoured millions of souls so he can “level up” into a stronger demon.

Now that sounds like a video game…but oh well. That’s what it is. And, my hero’s name is Justis Grey, who is quite a lost and ambivalent character, who has the Angels behind her to support her. NOD.

There, it’s the universal good vs evil theme. I don’t how the story would go yet, but I hereby offer my hands to the story as it is and as it happens…

And I’m still deciding whether it should be a character driven story or a plot driven story…I don’t know yet. Have I typed this before? I tend to repeat myself…



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