OK…it is me! Again!

It is me!!!!!!!!!!! Kimberly Tsan the Great! Mwahahahahahahahahahah!

OK. Two days until winter break is over. School=deprivation of freedom

Well, three weeks until semester two begins. I have three off blocks. Block one, two and tree. That means I can go to school at 11:30 on Monday. I wonder what First Nations 12 is like? It’s an online course, and that’s why it does not count as an actual block. I heard people stay at school until 5 or something for that course. I hope it’s not true!!!!!! But then again, I’ll have plenty of time to do things (or sleep) during my sweet off blocks.

THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh oh oh, I went to Chapters on Monday and bought three books and a mousepad! I also bought a book at Vallue Village.

Here are the books I bought:

Under the Blood Read Moon by Mina Hepsen (vampires!! My favourite!)

Children of Magic Moon by Wolfgang and Heike Hohlbein (read the first book, “Magic Moon”…this one is the sequel)

Curious Lives by Richard Bach (Adventures from the Ferret Chronicles)

Now and Forever by Ray Bradbury (read his other book, Fahrenheit 451 in English class)


(random outburst)



One comment

  1. Broeckchen · September 23, 2009

    Heyo! ^^

    I saw that you read (or are reading) “Children of Magic Moon”. I’m from Germany and a fan of this book since I was little, espeacially of the were animal. It’s German name is Bröckchen (as a short form of Kotzbrocken, translated “Barfpiece” or so…). Could you tell me it’s English name? I can’t find it anywere online. ._.

    Oh, and I read your short story above. Very cool, although very scary. ^^

    Regards, Broeckchen

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